Open Lecture: Rethinking Scarcity



Die Forschungsinitiative Low-Budget-Urbanität lädt ein zum öffentlichen Vortrag:

Rethinking Scarcity
Ute Tellmann (Uni Hamburg)
Montag, 25. März 2013
18.30 Uhr
UdN, Rotenhäuser Damm 30

Ute Tellmann is a political theorist and sociologist working on the genealogy of liberal economy. She is currently assistant professor at the University of Hamburg. In her work, she combines historical epistemology, political theory and economic thought in order to lay bare how economic categories are shaped by displaced political arguments about temporal order, the politics of affect or collectivity and space. She has published widely on economic temporality, economic zones of exception and liberal governmentality. Recent articles are: “Fear of the Future – Malthus and the Genealogy of Liberal Economy”Theory, Culture & Society (2013) and “Global Territories: Zones of Economic and Legal Dis/Connection” Distinktion (3/2012).

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