Hotel Wilhelmsburg: International Workshops – Call for participation


Within the project “Hotel Wilhelmsburg” we are again tackling the central question and praxis potential of our laboratory in the “Neighbourhood’s University” (UdN), this time condensing it to a complex experiment. At the core of this project are both conceptual planning and built realization of a temporary hotel as spatial and functional extension of the UdN, throughout the IBA presentation year.  In which the hotel operations will be developed from local micro economies of Wilhelmsburg. In the course of three workshops, spread throughout the semester we will focus on specific aspects of the overall project.

International Workshop #1

3CP UdN  Wilhelmsburg. Block Course
29 Nov – 1 Dec 2013
10am – 6pm

The „International Workshop1“ focused on the development of an architectural concept for the built extension of the UdN, in which different structures converge – the existing solid structure of the UdN building, with that of a flexible (former IBA) scaffolding structure.  In order to reach lasting solutions, it will mean examining existing contacts and their potential in the Wilhemsburger Community, as well as forming new ones. How can we can bring local actors together and generate functioning hotel operations, with all necessities such as a reception, laundry, kitchen, wellness and entertainment..?

International Workshop #2

3CP UdN  Wilhelmsburg. Block Course
11. – 13. January 2013
10am – 6pm

Within the framework of the International Workshop 2 we want to embed our conceptual findings in concrete planning. For the structural extension, it means developing a sound design, necessary for the mandatory permit approvals. Alongside standard drafting procedures, the process will include examining themes specific to the UdN such as low budget, self-construction and recycling. At the same time, we are continuing the intensive search for potential actors, and testing the operating concept in dialogue with representatives from the Wilhelmsburg business environment.

International Workshop #3

w/ Ton Matton, Artist and Urban Planner, Wendorf

3CP UdN  Wilhelmsburg. Block Course
11. – 15. February 2013
10am – 6pm

In the third Workshop, we are dedicating ourselves to carrying out and realizing a central element of the Hotel in a 1:1 scale. The goal is the construction of an individual cell, as the prototype of a hotel room. Through the experimentation with different materials and building designs, we will approach prototypical building practices, and from this gain decisive knowledge for the imminent execution planning. Parallel to the built implementation of hotel sections, we are probing the launch of our central community functions under real conditions.

International Workshop #4

UdN  Wilhelmsburg. Block Course
25. February – 22. March 2013
10am – 6pm

The final phase of the project will see the Neighbourhood’s University (UdN) transform it’s building once again: all uses, which have been established during the last four years, will be condensed and extended. This process will materialize in a new form during the presentation year of the IBA: the temporary “Hotel Wilhelmsburg”. The UdN will merge it’s academic approaches with that of hotel operations, not only geared towards meeting the needs of guests, visitors and neighbours, but also fostering a space of interdisciplinary exchange and of course hang out for a general public.

Workshop 4/1: 25.02. – 01.03.
w/ UdN Staff + Guests: Véronique Faucheur, Jörg Amelung, Tim Kistenmacher

Workshop 4/2: 04.03. – 08.03.
w/ Martin Kaltwasser
Architect and Artist, Koebberling/Kaltwasser, Berlin

Workshop 4/3: 11.03. – 15.03.
w/ Benjamin Förster-Baldenius

Performing Architect, raumlaborberlin, Berlin

Workshop 4/4: 18.03. – 22.03.
w/ Peter Fattinger
Architect, Design-Build Studio Vienna UT Fattinger Orso Architektur, Vienna

S: 1 week (plus documentation) 3 CP
M: 3 weeks 5 CP
L: 4 weeks (plus documentation) 8 CP
Certificate of Participation

Attendance and Registration

To register, please send a short description of yourself and how your skills and knowhow might contribute to the workshops (max. 1 A4; whole application shouldn‘t be larger than 10 MB) until March 15 to

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Workshops here.

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